- Are you unhappy with your body?
- Is your scale affecting your mood?
- Do you feel fat?
- Are you tired of diets and forbidden foods?
- Are you putting life on hold until you are slim(mer)?
- Do you want to be at peace with food?
- Do you miss eating with pleasure and enjoyment?
- Do you want to be happy again?
I am sharing my way out of inprisonment of food compulsion into the freedom of self-love.

It was never about the food or the weight, but about the reasons behind the compulsion, unfelt feelings and unmet needs. 

My way is not a quick one, and freedom from the obsession more important to me than weight loss. If you are dealing with emotional eating, binge eating disorder or food compulsion, we know the same struggle: the constant shame and powerlessness, the irritability, the loneliness; failing ourselves and our loved ones over and over.
The goal is inner peace, unconditional self-love, and freedom. And from there, all things are possible!